Me ProfileDavid wanted to help and share at a young age. He learned many different skills a child through his father’s interests.

David uses acrylic for most of his work, he will incorporate other materials to the paintings from time to time to create what he sees in his mind.

David first realised his ability to convey his message to others while studying a trade. Soon after starting his trade, he became a D.J. and M.C. and progressed from his first camera at the age of seven years to become a freelance photographer. This led to him studying make up artistry and then training to be a T.V. presenter.

Over the years David has had his share of personal and professional challenges. This had helped to understand human nature and the resilience of the human spirit. Soon afterwards David trained to be a life coach, helping himself and others.

Finding pleasure in sharing his creative life with others, he is just a normal person living life following his dream. His dream is to travel and share his world through painting, photography, stories, dancing everywhere he travels, to help people he meets and learn as much as possible about every culture visited.

David has travelled extensively, visiting many countries in the pursuit of following his dream.

The aim of David Storm is to donate 10% of all profits (after commission) to charity.

David’s belief:  “You always get what you ask for, just not how you expect it”