David Storm has exhibited his work in Australia, South America, Mexico, West and Eastern Europe
and Thailand. David has painted in Serbia and sold copies of his book in ten countries.
This will be David Storm’s first dedicated exhibition in Sydney.

The exhibition will be held at the Tap Gallery, 259 Riley St. Surry hills NSW 2010.
Gallery hours: Monday to Saturday 12pm – 6 pm & Sunday 12pm to 4pm.
Opening night will be Tuesday the 13th September 2016, 6pm – 9pm.

DawnKitchen window. 3 parts in a window frame. 23 1/2 x 35 (590 x 8Red dress - Natalia 5.Shimmering sky 3 FramedStars.The stormBirth of an Angel EmbersLife change _resizeNight skyShimmering sky 4 FramedThe beach.Transcendence_resize_resize'Canyon'. Festive fun.Reflections_resizePurple Rain.Shimmering sky 5The Belt. Acrylic, 20 x 30 (505 x 760).Uncertain.Chile Filter.MirageReflections_resizeShimmering sky 6 FramedThe Culture.Winter Garden_resizeChristmas fiest_resize FlareRed dress - Natalia 1.Rustic Sunset.Shimmering sky 7The falls F_resize_resizeWinter in Minsk.City Map FlowersRed dress - Natalia 2.ScarsShimmering sky 8The Journey,Autumn leaves_resize_resize_resize In the moment_resizeRed dress - Natalia 3.Shimmering sky 1 Framedshimmering sky 9'The Key'Autumn sludge. 'Jujuy'Red dress - Natalia 4.Shimmering sky 2 FramedStar dust_resizeThe river.Beware of the dark_resize

More details of the painting available on there respective pages.

Photo: View of the gallery, opening night of Emergence.

Video of a Canyengue performance by friends Nelson and Frida.

A few comments from guests:

  • Congratulations on beautiful work exhibited. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. 😀 – E.C.
  • Absolutely mind blowing, you’re a master. – A.G.
  • David you are a shining star in this world that sometimes is very dark. …. – V.P. & J.K.
  • Wonderful exhibition, congratulations. – H.A.
  • Felicitaciones sagiste adelante. – E.F.
  • I am so happy I met you! – I.G.
  • Congrats! 😀 Keep up the good work! – D.U.